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White Pine Painting

My name is Corinn and I am the proud founder of White Pine Painting since 2017, providing residential and commercial services in the lower mainland of British Columbia.  As a second-year apprentice in the Painter and Decorator program, I am fully devoted to my craft as a tradesperson pursuing a reputable painting business.

With a background in Sustainable Design & Construction, and over 10 years of practical work in the industry, my experience and knowledge of painting in new and old build is extensive. I  treat every project from simple suite re-paints to full home interior/exterior painting with great care and attention to detail.

How do I do that? I start by engaging with a series of practical questions and assessing the work space. After your feedback, I will follow through with a variety of suggestions and samples that target your desired outcome.

After you have approved my proposal about the job at hand, I will move forward with official schedules, and keep you involved in the process over the duration of the project to make sure your needs are always being met.

Quality Workmanship

Our job as painters is to protect surfaces and apply finishes that are appropriate for the material it’s being applied to. To achieve a paint job that will sustain wear and tear, cleaning & prep work with the right product & application choices are essential to a professional end result.

White Pine Painting knows that the devil is in the details, and the ability to mend deficiencies are the make or break of a satisfied customer. Through hard work and more hard work, I deliver!

Straight lines

Code of Conduct

When White Pine Painting comes onto a property, it’s a priority that the environment is clean and safe from work tools and materials. This means using industry-leading dust extractors, organized work stations, quality masking materials, appropriate PPE and being trained to perform any task that requires operational equipment.

Respecting a site means taking safety seriously. It’s important for White Pine Painting to exhibit a solid work ethic as I grow by applying due diligence to workmanship through good safety practices.


To trust in the services being provided it’s important to set straightforward warranty guidelines for customers:

• 2-year warranty on all projects after completion. If there is a problem anytime during those two years, at no cost to you, it will be fixed during a scheduled appointment.

• 2 million liability insurance and WCB coverage in good standing.

• Any deficiencies caused during the scope of work will be addressed before completion.

• Any extra work orders and/or change will be discussed beforehand and consented in writing before beginning.